Are You Including a Song Request Sheet In Your RSVP?  WHAT A DJ THINKS ABOUT IT.

Are you considering including a note in your RSVPs that asks your guests what favorite song they would like to hear?

Your DJ would like you to reconsider. Yes, it’s a fun idea in theory, but let’s talk about what can really happen when 100 of your guests have song requests. When you meet with your DJ to talk about what kind of music you’d like to have at your wedding, what songs you absolutely don’t want played at your wedding (The Macarena?), and the songs for your special dances, they’re listening.

Part of a DJ’s job is to take into consideration what YOU want AND to read the room. They want to take the guests on YOUR journey. Pacing is key, along with the understanding that dance floors ebb and flow. If they see a song isn’t well received, they can fade or mix out of it. This is how a good DJ does their job.

Now think about what happens when you add in those requests from 100 guests. Some songs might not be appropriate. It could be because of language, it could be because ofson genre, whatever the reason, it could potentially not go well. When a guest fills out that line on the RSVP card, they expect to hear that song to be played. If it’s not, and the guest has had a few drinks, things can go downhill fast. The guest is mad that the DJ won’t play the song…the guest goes to their friend, the bride…the bride tells the DJ to play the song just to calm down the guest, and that particular song clears the dance floor. You see where this is going? By the way, this is a real-life story.

DJs get requests all the time at wedding receptions, so it’s a better idea to let guests make those requests naturally, as the night goes on – the DJ can fit in the song if appropriate.

The DJ knows that this is YOUR wedding, but it’s their job to also take into account the wedding guest experience. Let them do their job. It will save a lot of frustration.

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