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Most frequent questions and answers

I have been a DJ for over 20 years. Music is my passion and it shows in my work.

I have performed at more than 2400 events in my career. Mostly weddings.

Yes. For the ceremony, I provide wireless lav mics for the officiant and groom. The groom’s mic picks up the vows from the bride. I also provide a wireless mic on a stand for any readers if needed. I can provide all the music required for the ceremony as well.

For the reception, I provide a professional sound system that fits the venue. There is no one size fits all. Additional sound is available for remote cocktail locations.

I have performed at more than 240 venues so chances are, I have been there. If not, YES, I will do a site check and make sure the layout of sound and lighting will be fantastic.

Absolutely. My name will be listed on the contract as the Dj assigned and being the owner, that is a guarantee.

Great Question. I am a beat mixer. What does that mean? There is never any silent between tracks. All the tracks are mixed together sorta like a club. Most guests don’t know songs lyrics past the second verse so why play them to the end. I play as many songs as I can in an evening. Of course there are those certain songs that you just have to play the entire song.

Most importantly, I am not a hype DJ that highjacks your event. The guests are there to see you, not me. You are the start of the show. I want to make sure the guests are having an awesome time but I never outshine the special couple.

I have a very large library consisting of just about everything you can think of. All of this music is loaded on 2 redundant laptops for backup. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I DO NOT STREAM MUSIC. This is the kiss of death. If there ever is a WiFi issue, you have no music. No music = No party.

Certainly. You will full access to my online planner where you will have full control of what you want to hear. Just fill it out and you will hear it played at your event.

For Sure. This is also a section that you fill out on the online planner. If it is on the list, you will not hear it even if Uncle Bob tries to bribe me. LOL

Yes. With a huge library of songs, it is super rare that I do not have a song that they want.

Never. i do not take breaks. There is always music playing. Also, I DO NOT DRINK ALCOHAL at events. I drink water. You will not catch me outside smoking either. I do not smoke or vape.

Yes. Depending on the package you pick. The retainer is no more than $500 and the balance is not due until 2 weeks prior to then event date.

Yes and No. The retainer is required to book the event. The balance is not due until 2 weeks prior to the event date. If you would like to make payments towards your event early, you can. There is no fee or charges to do this. I would rather you keep your money until closer to the date.

Yes. All packages for weddings include dance floor lighting and up lighting. This lighting is tasteful and does not distract from having a classy and elegant reception. NO LASERS to make your dress look horrible. Its just a nice color wash that enhances the look of the venue.

Yes. Only if it is more than 150 miles from Cleveland. The cost varies depending on distance. Please ask for a quote before booking.

The retainer is NON- Refundable. If the event is cancelled 90 days prior to the event date, the remailing balance is due. If the event is rescheduled, the retainer will be applied to the new date if the date is available.

Absolutely. I have a $2 million dollar liability policy. Most venues require this. 

Yes. If this is an outdoor ceremony, I can play without shelter if there is no rain in the forecast. Must play in the shade outside of direct sunlight. If there is rain, client must provide shelter or pop up tent. This is the same for outdoor receptions. 

Yes. I always have at least 2 laptops with me along with an iPad and iPhone that has music loaded on it. I also have 2 wireless mics and 4 speakers if needed.

I arrive a minimum of 2 hours prior to the event start time. Usually it is 3 hours. Rather be safe than sorry.

Unfortunately Yes. Why? The online planner is shutdown for changes 7 days prior to the event date. This gives me time to prepare for your special day. I have to make sure I have all the special songs that you requested.